A small consortium of machine learning experts who develop tailor made machine learning models.

What we do is working for various customers, developing systems and machine learning models to an increasing pool of domains.


We’ve developed an application for SevenSix that evaluate the user’s tennis technique.


We’ve reasearched machine learning models for Cardiaccs that automatically monitors the motion of the human heart.

PhysEye develops an application that assists patients with injury prevention and restorative physical exercises; a complementary digital physiotherapist.

Play Magnus

We’ve developed several features for PlayMagnus, spanning from full-stack features to procedural map generation.


We're currently advicing several customers helping them develop data driven solutions. Contact us, and let us know how we can help.

Scrum Team

We develop entire systems. By leveraging our entire team, we can assist you in everything from general machine learning advice and planning, to independent full system development.

Jonas Waaler

CEO, Data Scientist

M.Sc. Robotics And Intelligent Systems, and B.Sc. Medical Technology. Broad experience as a consultant, creating and improving machine learning models for image recognition, anomaly detection, pose estimation, and more.

Martin Hovin

Data Scientist

M.Sc. Robotics And Intelligent Systems, and B.Sc. Nanoelectronics and Robotics. Experience as visual engineer, data scientist, machine learning engineer and developer. Worked on edge-inference systems, pose-estimation, object detection and more.

Lars Kristian Maron Telle

Full-stack developer

M.Sc. Computer Science. Cross-discipline knowledge of frontend/backend development, database management and machine learning. 5+ years experience as a fullstack developer within several domains.

Øyvind Mjelstad

Front-end developer

B.Sc. Computer Engineering. Experience as a consultant working with frontend frameworks. He’s also been involved in various projects with UX design and full-stack development.

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We're currently located in Oslo, but we don't mind working remote.